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News - 2014
Date News
16 Apr 2014 Installation of COBISS2/Reports V5.8-03 and COBISS2/Loan V5.7-0.4 software for the time period from 19 to 21 April 2014
2 Apr 2014 Installation of changes (Updates No. 30) to COMARC/B User Manual announced for the period from 3 to 4 April 2014
24 Mar 2014 Updated Instructions for inventory procedure on the Training Portal and also instructions for installing the Datalogic Skorpio, Nordic ID and TTID TT100-B readers on the COBISS website under Recommended Equipment (Printers and bar code readers)
19 Mar 2014 Installation of the COBISS3 V5.3-04 software announced for 22 March 2014
14 Mar 2014 Over 30 000 000 items entered in all the COBISS.Net local databases
13 Mar 2014 2013 Statistics published
21 Feb 2014 Installation of COBISS2/Reports V5.6-02 software announced for the period from 22 to 23 Feb 2014
7 Feb 2014 Changes in the document Typology of Documents/Works for Bibliography Management in COBISS system
30 Jan 2014 Installation of a new version of the COBISS3 V5.3-03 software and updates of the COBISS3/Holdings user manual on the Training Portal
29 Jan 2014 On the COBISS website under Recommended Equipment (Printers and Barcode Readers…), added the Zebra GC420t printer and instructions for its use
21 Jan 2014 New version of COBISS/OPAC, V6.1 and COBISS2/Loan V5.7 software, and the update of the COBISS2/Loan User Manual on the Training Portal (E-User Manuals) to be installed from 25 to 26 January 2014
13 Jan 2014 The Library of Visoka škola struk. studija za vaspitače, Aleksinac College for Kindergarten Teachers, Aleksinac) no longer a full member of COBISS.SR